Guest Room

When we first moved in this room was an epic mess of a craft room plus cat food & litterbox.  In the first phase of our home my goal was to use this room for guests, and we had guests coming in less than two weeks.  We had to act fast to turn this room from hot mess into guest ready. 
First up on the agenda was cleaning out the 10'x11' room.  
When I had totally emptied the room, I figured it was a good time to paint it.  Ceiling, trim, walls and all.  
It was our first time painting a ceiling, and it was totally worth it.  The previous owners were slightly sloppy painters so the ceilings need painting in most rooms.  Painting the ceiling also really brightened up the room.  With two weeks to go til guests arrive, I got sick.  Massively sick.  So there went a week of time where nothing got done.  
Post illness I started on the trim.  I deglossed the trim with a cheap liquid deglosser, primed and then painted three coats of Benjamin Moore's Advance Paint in Simply White (same as we used here).  We also took the opportunity to take the door off its hinges and paint that easily in the garage. 
With the trim done it was on to the walls.  I had been lusting palladian blue by Benjamin Moore, it looks so beautiful in other people's home.  Like here.  I liked the way the swatch looked in the room during different lights of the day, so we pulled the trigger and bought a gallon.
 I had some massive doubts while I was cutting in.  The evening and artificial light made it seem very dark green grayish, but we rolled with it
In the can it seems very minty, but it dries a nice blue green.  Our guests were arriving Friday, and this is what the room looked like Thursday evening... cue massive Megan freak mode.  Really all they needed was a bed and some curtains.  
Curtains + Bed + Dresser = Sort of ready guest room  
Rumpled sheets due to some major kitty playing. 
This is not the end result for this room.  Not even close.  It looks like a college kid's room.  I'd still like to cross a few more things off this list, and make the room look more polished. 
Guest Room To-Do List
  • Clean out the room
  • Paint ceiling
  • Degloss, prime and paint trim & doors
  • Paint walls
  • Hang curtains
  • Steam clean carpets
  • Make & hang headboard
  • Get a lower longer dresser to fill the wall
  • Hang some art
  • Get bed
  • Get duvet and cover  
                          I feel like the big stuff is done, just finishing details.  But it works for now.
Painted any rooms lately?  Do you have a dedicated guest room? 
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