Our new (almost) home

I blame it on my mom & dad.  And maybe a little bit too much HGTV.  And it's a good thing.  I've seen my parents lay floors, hang cabinets, build decks (we demoed one too as a family, nothing like sledge hammer time), fix plumbing, have a water main break in my dad's face... I feel like I have seen them do it all.  And quite frankly it makes me think I can too.  And let's hope the Mr. & I can, because we under contract for our first home and are closing at the end of the month!

Yes, it need some curb appeal work done.  We'll get to that later.  But here is soon to our 1926 cape cod!

I started this blog to chronicle our newlywed lives, and not so secretly hoped that it would morph into us redoing a house and sharing everything on here on ASL (nope, not American Sign Language, A Stange Life).  Cross your fingers for us that February 1st starts a whole new chapter here!