Wedding Invitation Ornament

  I already used my wedding veil as part of our Christmas decor, read about it here. But I really wanted to add a few more wedding details to the decor this year, after all is it our first Christmas as newlyweds!  Awhile back before the Mr. & I got married I pinned this image on pinterest.  In my attempts to actually do what I pin, I made my own version!  It is a super easy project, the hardest part was perfecting my bow.


wedding invitation, save the date or any special document!

clear ornament with removable top



paper cutter (or ruler and patience)


1. Start by grabbing your special document!  I used my wedding invitation as well as all the other supplies listed above

2.  I had backed my invitation on pink card stock, so I took that off (it was just adhered in a few spots, easy peasy to remove)

3.  Using your paper cutter cut your invitation in 1/4" strips.  Yes, I realize that If I cut them the other direction I would get actual words, do what ever floats your boat.  If you don't have a paper cutter use a ruler and mark  

4.  Wrap your strips around your pen and hold them for a few second and release, you will be left with a nice curl!

5.  Remove the top from the ornament and slide the curls in.  Post curl I decided to leave the pink out since it did not fit with our typical decor.

6.  Add a bow (I used left over ribbon from my bridesmaid's bouquets) and hang! 

I am thinking about adding a few more strips positioned in very visible areas, cut to highlight our wedding date, the church name ect.  

What do you think?  Any special documents to memorialize?